Our battle cry

Benefits to End Animal Suffering Today (BEAST) is dedicated to ending cruelty to all animals by raising funds for organizations that tirelessly work toward this same goal. BEAST also seeks to grow the awareness and allure for animal rights by hosting stylish events that spread the message of compassion to the masses and narrow the disconnect many people feel toward exploited animals. A registered 501(c)(3) based in New York, BEAST raises funds through these events, as well as personal contributions.


Meet BEAST Founder Ravi DeRossi

Ravi DeRossi began his career as an artist but had his sights set on New York nightlife. Ravi’s first ventures, The Bourgeois Pig & Death & Co. became instant phenomenons. Ravi has since opened 13 other bars and restaurants: including 124 Rabbit Club, Mayahuel, Cienfuegos, Amor y Amargo, Proletariat, Bergen Hill, The Post Office, Desnuda, Mother of Pearl, Avant Garden, and the Riddling Widow,.

Ravi is making a bold move to transform all his restaurants to being fully vegan: a revolutionary shift that would remove all animal products and by-products from each of his 14 successful restaurants and bars. His aim is to lessen the impact he has on both the environment and the animals affected.

Why did you start BEAST?

RD: I’ve been wanting to launch BEAST for over 6 years, and am finally bringing the idea to life. I have 2 dogs and 4 cats that I rescued, but in many ways, they’ve rescued me. This band of troublemakers has changed the way that I think of animals and their lives.

I have been lucky to experience great success in the hospitality industry over many years, and have garnered a lot of knowledge. I want to leverage my skills and my expansive network for a greater good. There are a lot of talented people doing some really important work for animals and from my many years on the restaurant circuit, I have the connections required to actually do something about this.  And I figured, why not have a ball while doing it?

Launching a foundation that hosts parties to raise money for animals was the perfect way to give back. At BEAST, we don’t preach about helping animals, we just do it.